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About hoodpay payment aggregator

Currently there is BTC, LTC, ETH and TRX network. We will activate them when other networks are added.

Accounts are not line by line

I bought 50 accounts. When I download them to my computer and view them with notepad, there are no 50 lines. They look side by side. Use a different viewer. We recommend using EmEditor. Or you can use our Format Editor Tool. https://www.emeditor.com/download/ https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoQaHu9Juf5CbmEfX4sCo57JMeM

Do accounts come with original email addresses?


What is HM ?

It means that the email address of the account is hotmail/outlook

Check age of instagram account


Can I get another format?

Account format editor (only works on windows): https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoQaHu9Juf5CbmEfX4sCo57JMeM

Can I buy directly from you?

Yes. https://t.me/dereyolson

Will the sold accounts be sold to others? Will it be re-sold?

Never. Accounts are deleted from the database after they are sold to you.

About shadow ban

If the accounts you purchased are shadow banned; -Delete all posts in the account and check again after a few hours. -If there are no posts on the account but they are shadow-banned, this is temporary and will be automatically removed by twitter after a few days.

I want to be a supplier


About coinbase payment

You don't need to have a coinbase account to pay with the Coinbase payment system. You can pay from any cryptocurrency exchange or your cold wallet.

Payoneer accepted

You can pay for orders over $100 manually with payoneer payment.

To buy faster

Use balance. Checkout page > Sign Up > Add balance

How do I manage accounts in bulk?

I don't provide information about account management. If you know how to use them, buy them.



Instagram login errors

If it gives an error after entering the security code sent to the e-mail address, go to instagram.com and log in again.

Yahoo mail login for 2009 accounts

Twitter.com 2009 accounts in the store come with their original email addresses. Accounts require a security code to log in. The mail provider is yahoo.com. Mails works 95%. Mail accounts are confirmed with temporary phone numbers. You must use a UK location to log into mail accounts. You can use HQ proxy or VPN for this.

Proxy about

Datacenter or residential proxy recommended.

Unhandled Error 500 (Internal Server Error)

There is a temporary problem with the payment system. Try again later or contact telegram to buy directly. https://t.me/dereyolson

Unhandled Error 400 (Bad Request)

If you're going to do buy with Hoodpay, make sure your cart amount is $0.50 or more. After you load your balance into your account, you can make purchases with your balance for a lower amount.

Failed to create invoice: Product variant cannot be purchased with this gateway

First choose the payment method.

Shadowban check

Shadowban sites not totally good. Its doesnt work good. Use a search on Twitter as from:username


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